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Welcome to
Lucky Duck
Chinese Restaurant

Bridgwater &
Sage Creek

Our Store Locations

Lucky Duck Chinese Restaurant (Bridgwater)

Lucky Duck Chinese Restaurant (Sage Creek)

About Us

Lucky Duck Chinese Restaurant is a local family owned restaurant in Winnipeg MB. We started our restaurant business from 2016, we are young and full of passion to make delicious food. We love food! We only serve what we like and what we can make good. We are having two locations now, one is in Bridgwater center, the second location is in Sage Creek.

Our name "Lucky Duck" was an idea from my co-worker and friend when I was working in Simplot Portage la Prairie, he told me if you win lottery in Canada, people will call you "lucky duck". We want our customes to enjoy our food and have a good luck at the same time!

All Chicken we are using is Natural White Meat, all beef we are using is Certified Angus Beef, all shrimp we are using is 26/30, we serve better quality bigger size better taste to our valued customers.

No more waiting, try our food today! If you like us, tell everybody; if you have any concern, tell us!

We have gone through COVID 19, because we were supported very well by our Bridgwater customers, we survived!

We had a great hard time during the inspections for Sage Creek location, but we made it! I almost gave up really... Without all your supports, we wouldn't make it here!


We want to thank you for all your support in the good time, happy time, hard time and sad time!

Please keep safe and healthy! Hope to serve you again soon!



We have aluminum foil ware container available for family party or catering.

It costs $2 per container.

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