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Chinese Food With A Twist

For your satisfaction, we ensure that you always get food according to your requirements. Our return and refund policy enhance the trust of our customers in our determination.

Food Dissatisfaction

We prepare food fresh to order with only the best and freshest ingredients. We take great pride in all of the food we make. Please call us immediately if you receive unsatisfactory food. We will need the food returned in the original container so we may investigate and deal with the issue. We will prepare you a new food order. If you do not want to get a new dish, we refund the amount to the original payment method only after we get the food in the original container and after confirmed the error to the discretion of the manager on duty.

We want to make sure that you receive best quality food and enjoy at your own place. And you can help us in doing that.

Our Restaurant will issue 100% refunds for:

  • Receive wrong order

  • Bad quality food

  • Soggy (dine in only)

Our Restaurant will issue 70% refunds for:

  • Dislike, includes: salty, oily, different texture than you expected

  • Bring back food with original container, and more than half left in the original container

Our Restaurant will not issue refunds for:

  • Tip is not refundable

  • Change of mind or incorrect product choice

  • Bring back food without original container or more than 24 hrs

  • If the food is cold after 1 hour after you get the food

  • Dislike caused by soggy if you do take-out, because the steamer in the container will cause crispy staff gets soggy eventually

  • Dislike caused by oily if you ordered deep fried food

  • If the food has spoiled as a result of not been consumed within a reasonable time after it has been received by the customer

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